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Once Events have been added and Shifts Defined, this page will open with a list of Events from which you can select a Shift...
Once the event is chosen, it will list all available shifts for that specific event. If you don't see a shift you like, simply choose another Event.

1. Please select an event by name in the left column.
2. Now review each shift by date and time... then press the name in the left column that you prefer.
3. You can sign-up for that event or view those who have previously volunteered.

These Events Have "Volunteer" Shifts Defined
Event Name Start Date End Date  
Oktoberfest Fri, 10-19-18Sat, 10-20-18 -------- 
All American Gun Show Sat, 09-1-18Sun, 09-2-18 -------- 

First... Choose An Event To Volunteer For A Shift